Please, listen to these rules, and have a fun time on My Wiki! c:

My Wiki's RulesEdit

  1. Please, do not troll anyone or this wiki.
  2. Please be kind to everyone, and don't bully unless they know you're joking. 
  3. Do not use any cursing or swearing please.
  4. Do not do any inappropriate things or say anything innapropriate. 
  5. Please don't be mean to any new user-It could hurt they're feelings and make them leave. 
  6. Please do not argue, and be mean, it may hurt alot of people's feelings.
  7. Don't let people down, don't be mean to them because what they like; be kind to everyone please. Except if you know a enemy that doesn't like you either, you can fight in PM if that happens.
  8. Please, treat everyone kindly, and be nice to everyone!
  9. If your a moderator and you can unaban a person who was just banned, do not unban them unless a higher rank asks the founder and says yes. They won't have permission here (for the amount of time) if they are ban, so please, if that happens, keep them banned. 
  10. All of these rules MUST be followed.

3 Kicks equals a ban. 4 Bans equals a month block. After 3 month blocks. It will be a year block. After 8 month blocks, it will be a block forever.